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35 Unexpected Pleasures of Adulthood

Today is my 35th birthday. Last year I told you about 34 things I still…


January Jokes

I undertook a project in January to write a joke a day. I didn't quite…


2015 #MadeForTVHoliday Movies

Last year I started a project to watch every crappy made-for-TV holiday movie I could…

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Sonja Foust is a published author and self-proclaimed internet dork. She combines her loves for reading, writing, and internet tom-foolery on her blogs at and Pintester. In her spare time (ha!), she writes badass books on writing, sings with gusto, dances with abandon, and regularly laughs until she cries. You can follow her on Twitter, @SonjaFoust, drop her an email at, or buy her books!

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