Top 10 Reasons To Buy "Love In Shadow"

Love In Shadow is available today from The Wild Rose Press! And in case you need more convincing, here are the Top 10 Reasons To Buy “Love In Shadow,” says me:

10. You can buy it while sitting in front of your computer naked. Try that at Barnes & Noble. (And send me pictures if you do, please.)
9. There are fairies. But they don’t have wings. Intriguing, no?
8. It’s only 21 pages long and ideal for anyone new to eBooks! You can read the whole thing on your computer screen quite comfortably. No fancy equipment necessary.
7. The heroine is a redhead, and you know you love redheaded heroines, even if you won’t admit it.
6. It totally looks like work, so you can read it at the office without fear.
5. It’s a romantic fantasy paranormal with an Old West feel. Oh, and a castle. Something for everyone!
4. Someday, when I am rich and famous, you can drop my name at dinner parties as such: “Ah yes,” you say, pausing thoughtfully, “I read Sonja Foust’s very first published short story in 2007. I knew, even then, that she was destined for greatness.”
3. No heaving bosoms, so even if you’re a romance (dare I say) “virgin,” this one won’t scare you.
2. It’s a story of my heart, and one that had been marinating for a loooong time before I finally edited and sent it off. I really think it will resonate with you.
1. I will love you forever.

Go forth and purchase!

(Also, you can buy the t-shirt.)