About Sonja Foust (@SonjaFoust)

Thanks for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile! Let me give you a little background on who I am and what I do.

My name is Sonja Foust and I’m an administrative and marketing professional by day at a great company in Raleigh, and (the really fun part) a romance author by night. I always dreamed of being a writer, marrying a devastatingly handsome man, and living on a Caribbean island. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad. I live in Durham, North Carolina (a decidedly non-Caribbean location) with my devastatingly handsome husband and write romance novels. I can’t imagine a better life… well, except an independently wealthy one on a Caribbean island, but let’s not be picky. My devastatingly handsome husband, Robbie (@rfoust), and I enjoy playing with Sydney, our black lab mix, riding bikes together, and keeping up with the latest sitcoms.

My Books

Cat in the Mist coverLove in Shadow coverI’ve written two short romance stories which are published at The Wild Rose Press as eBooks.

The first is called “Love in Shadow” and it’s a cute fantasy story about a fairy with no wings. The second is called “Cat in the Mist” and it’s an edgier paranormal about a shape-shifting cougar man.

If you’re interested in how I got into the whole romance writer thing, check out my blog series on How I Became Rich and Famous.

My Blogs

Promo-Ho.comPromo-Ho.com is a site I started when I sold my first eBook. It’s basically a huge conglomeration of everything I’ve ever learned about promoting an eBook online for free or for very little money. If you’re an eBook author (especially in the romance genre), you’ll probably find something useful there.

Also, check out my personal blog. It’s a mish-mash of everything Sonja, including thoughts on life in suburbia, writing tips and stories, and advice you never asked for.

Find Me Elsewhere

I’m kind of an internet dork, so I’m alllllll over the web. My favorite places to hang out are Twitter, Brightkite, and GoodReads, but here’s a whole big long list of all my web places.