Resolutions 2010

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As I mentioned, I made no resolutions in 2009, on purpose. I’m not pleased with my personal growth in 2009, though. I had  good year in general, but most of that was circumstantial– I had awesome luck in 2009. This year, I’m taking some control and hunting down some good luck instead of just letting it come to me.

So this year I’m all about one major resolution: MAKE ROUTINES. You could call it forming habits, too. Same idea. I want the things in my life that cause me grief, but I know I need to do, to become second-nature, ingrained in my daily life. I’m tackling one at a time for 21 consecutive days each, so it may take me the whole year to get through all these, depending on how many days it takes me to be consistent for 21 days in a row. (If I miss I day on a habit before the 21 days are up, I have to start back at Day 1.) Here are the new routines I’ll be working on in 2010:

1. Exercise every day in the morning.

2. Write for at least one hour every weekday evening, and do promo on the weekends.

3. Make a grocery list and a menu every week, grocery shop once a week, cook dinner every weekday evening.

4. Make a weekly laundry routine including washing, folding, sheets, and ironing.

5. Tackle the cleaning “hotspots” every day.

If all goes well, I should be habit-formed on all of these by the end of May– that’s the plan anyway! I’m going to make Fridays my resolution check-in days (cute, catchy title forthcoming, I hope). You’re welcome to join me and follow along on my time-table if you feel so inclined. Outside the blog, I’m keeping a list of benefits for each routine, a list of dates to check off as I complete them, and a reward for each week that I am consistent. I’m also keeping a journal to remind myself what’s going on from week to week, and so that I can give you a good report each Friday.

I’m kicking off tomorrow with my exercise every day in the morning routine. If you want to follow along with me, get yourself a notebook, decorate it however you want, and then start listing the benefits of exercising every day in the morning. I came up with 10 really good ones just off the top of my head. Then make a checklist for the dates of the next 21 days. (You can make a new checklist if you fall off the wagon and have to start over, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.) Then, at the end of each week, write down what reward you will give yourself if you were consistent for those 7 days. You’re ready to go. Good luck!