Resolutions Round-up

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It’s week 1 of January… How many of you have given up on your resolutions already? I have to tell you, January is a TOUGH month to start something new. It’s cold, it’s dark, you have a new bed that’s soooo hard to get out of in the morning… Oh wait, that’s just me. Heh. Anyways.

I’m currently working on ingraining one habit: exercise every day in the morning. I have to say, I could have been better this week. There were a few days when I exercised in the evening rather than the afternoon, and I totally just didn’t do anything yesterday. BUT, on the positive side, I am working out and I’m not wimping out either– when I work out, I push myself pretty hard.

Ok, that was a justification more for myself than anyone…

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This week I’ll be better. I’ve got a goal in mind: the Krispy Kreme Challenge. There’s no way I’m doing the whole thing with the donuts and everything, but I can at least do the run/walk part. Have not done 4 miles before, but I did 3.2 last time, and this one has a break in the middle… so doable, right? Right.