Replacing Christmas

This weekend, we finally got around to putting away all the Christmas stuff (and me pretty much kicking and screaming). I never like to put away Christmas stuff, but this year was worse– It’s not just laziness, it’s the emotional impact of it. Christmas guarantees you time with friends and family, and a few days off to take care of things, and the hope of a brand new year. Once you put away the Christmas stuff, it feels like all that goes away, too.

So, to cheer myself up, I’m looking for decorating ideas. I have a big square shelf where the Christmas village was that I need something for. We used to have a fountain there (kind of like the one to the right, except way prettier, and pink quartz), which I loved, but it’s broken and probably won’t make a comeback anytime soon. Could do a plant, but that’s kind of boring, right? So shoot me some ideas. Stacks of pretty books? Piles of different-sized picture frames? Some kind of other fountain or statue or other big nifty conversation piece?

I’m also looking for ideas for my mantle. I was thinking maybe a bunch of different sized vases and lots of wild colors of flowers. Or maybe I’ll just make a trip to Home Goods and see what I see. (My other idea involves candles, and I know I would never light them, so I’m giving up while I’m ahead.)

I do like Design Mom’s ideas… And the pic to the left that she used on her blog post makes me want to raid my kitchen cabinets for pretty dishes to do interesting things with… like put a pile of gourds and flowers on them.

Help me out here. What do you replace your Christmas decor with when it’s back up in the attic? Doing anything new this year? Have any ideas for me?

  • Umm, More seasonal crap as my husband says. Valentine's Day and St. Patricks's day is next. So red and green stuff. Then comes Easter with all the bunnies and eggs. After that spring/summer stuff flowers, etc. Then Independence day, And some fall leaves….and that gets us to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I have mini quilts, multicolored candles, and lots of little knicknacks (right now Jim Shore Angels, Halloween dudes, and Snowmen/Santa) I just kind of rotate which stuff comes out every month or every other month.

  • Even though we go all out for Christmas, I don't have much for the other holidays. I guess I could start collecting. 😉

  • Ugg, I'd say don't. We have a ton of stuff up in boxes that sits there because we either can't have it out because of kids or I just never get around to it. A few years down the road you look at the boxes and think how much money you've wasted on 'junk'.

    Then again, some of the stuff we've gotten as gifts. A lot of the Jim Shore stuff was either a gift or I bought it on sale.

  • Heather M.

    I've been looking for a mantle piece as well. In this magazine I just read, they recommend mirrors or over sized pictures…I think I might try the mirror…

    P.S. I hate taking all that crap down too 😉