Why Girls Love Shoes

Why yes, thank you, my shoes ARE fierce today. ;)
Image by Sonja_the_strange via Flickr

Ok, I know there are some of you out there that don’t love shoes… you mutants. By and large, though, most women I meet love shoes. Why? It’s just an article of clothing– it shouldn’t be any different than a coat or a bag or a skirt, right?

Here’s my theory:

Shoes are universal. There are the odd feet out, but most of the time, if you see a cute shoe, chances are it’s going to look cute on your foot. This shoe will not make your butt look fat. This shoe will not fit your hips but not your boobs. The color of this shoe will not make your face look sick or sad or tired. Cute shoes are just cute shoes.

So, what’s your theory? Are you a shoe person? A bag person? A coat person? Does some other article of clothing get you going? Tell me in the comments.

  • I like shoes, handbags, and sunglasses because no matter how much weight I gain or lose, they'll always still fit. 🙂

  • I am a total shoe person, in spite of the fact that I loathe pointy toes, high heals, and “toe cleavage”. My definition of “cute shoe” usually invovles a lug-sole or a maryjane strap, but that doesn't keep me from owning a squillion variations on the theme. And they ARE all different, thank you very much boyfriend mine.

  • I'm a shoe-bag-hat person, and my taste in shoes pretty much lines up with Alana's. (She has shoes with cat faces on the toes. Priceless.)

  • Good point!

  • Yeah I don't know why boys don't get that girls need more shoes. It's just how life is. 🙂

  • If I could pull off hats, I'd probably be a hat person too, but my basketball head looks dumb in most hats. So I'll still with shoes.

  • My husband has more shoes than I do. (granted that's due to cleats for baseball, basketball, and soccer…but still)

    Shoes are worn to keep our feet warm…Otherwise…they are just a pain and my husband doesn't care what shoes I wear….so why bother?

  • Not really that big of a shoe fan, but my sister is. She just bought a pair of those $700 Christian Louboutins–like Sandra Bullock wore in The Proposal. I remember seeing the shoes in the movie and thinking, “I should buy some red spray paint and paint the bottoms of my shoes…that looks kind of cool.” LOL

    I'm a watch fanatic. I must have a hundred of them. Generally, I don't pay more than $15 for one, and the bigger and odder they are, the better. I never buy batteries for them either…when they die, I just go out and get a new watch. 🙂

  • ACW

    Shoes rock, for all the reasons outlined above and in the comments, but my favorite accessory would be the humble scarf. I like the long ones that I can pin at one shoulder or knot once around the neck. They allow me to have the same basics in my wardrobe, but simply adding a fluttering, flowing piece of hot pink fabric changes the all-black suit into a feminine and springtime outfit. …not to mention… I maintain that the splash of color draws attention up and away from my hips. hahaha