Why Girls Love Shoes

Why yes, thank you, my shoes ARE fierce today. ;)
Image by Sonja_the_strange via Flickr

Ok, I know there are some of you out there that don’t love shoes… you mutants. By and large, though, most women I meet love shoes. Why? It’s just an article of clothing– it shouldn’t be any different than a coat or a bag or a skirt, right?

Here’s my theory:

Shoes are universal. There are the odd feet out, but most of the time, if you see a cute shoe, chances are it’s going to look cute on your foot. This shoe will not make your butt look fat. This shoe will not fit your hips but not your boobs. The color of this shoe will not make your face look sick or sad or tired. Cute shoes are just cute shoes.

So, what’s your theory? Are you a shoe person? A bag person? A coat person? Does some other article of clothing get you going? Tell me in the comments.