State of the Union Watch Party Recipes

I’m not having a State of the Union watch party… Mostly because I don’t expect it to be much of a party atmosphere, heh. But if I were having a State of the Union watch party, here are the recipes I would be serving my politically-minded guests:

Split-Party Soup

Ok, it’s really split pea soup, but let’s split the peas and not the hairs, people.


Take a can of meat chili and a block of Velveta and melt those suckers in a bowl in the microwave. Serve it with chips and call it delicious.

Super Majority Good-bye Kisses

59 Hershey kisses and 41 Hershey hugs in a big Senate-shaped bowl

Heath Care Reform

Mash up some Heath bars. Get some vanilla ice cream. Let your partiers go to town, but hopefully in a way that allows bipartisanship, huh?

What are you serving at your State of the Union watch party?