Did You Watch The Grammys?

I did. You didn’t miss much. Here’s my Twitter stream from the night:

The Zac Brown Band just got a new fan. Their opening number was awesome, and I generally can’t stand too much for patriotic songs.

I did not know an acoustic guitar could make that sound. Awesome.

@becs1017 They need to autotune Taylor. Poor thing. #Grammys

@pinkpodster I think it’s more the pitch than the strength. Ugh. Pretty awful. #grammys

@ellenlynch I just said, “Oh, TAYLOR!” with a tone of disgust. (#grammys ) Should probably watch #Emma instead. 😉

Why are they wearing 3D glasses in the audience? They are there. It’s ACTUALLY 3D. #grammys [Michael Jackson tribute was in 3D. I didn’t have any 3D glasses so I just saw a blurry Celine Dion. Underwhelmed.]

Bon Jovi = sad and washed up. This is depressing. #grammys

So did Livin on a Prayer win because the kids know it from Rock Band? #grammys [There was a voting process whereby viewers got to pick between 3 songs for Bon Jovi to play. Livin on a Prayer won.]

@pinkpodster Rock Band is the only reason I know the words [to Livin on a Prayer]. #justsayin #grammys

Rihanna’s dress looks like a sleeveless bathrobe with a bustle. #grammys

I think Andrea Bocelli was trying to look down Mary’s dress. #grammys

Presenting the most over-rated band in the history of music except for U2: The Dave Matthews Band. #grammys

@veemoe By sheer numbers, I think the DMB could take U2. It’s a freaking orgy up there. #grammys

Man, I can take a pot shot at Andrea Bocelli, but make an opinionated comment about DMB or U2 and I get stones thrown! LOL.

Who the hell are these people and why am I still watching this? #grammys

Going to call Zac Brown Band the pleasant surprise of the night and go to bed, I think.

  • Umm I didn't watch the show…but it doesn't sound like I missed much.