I Take It Back

I did a post about a month ago about buying shoes from ShoeDazzle to fight heart disease.

I take it back.

Fight heart disease some other way. Just don’t join ShoeDazzle. Let me tell you why, in the format of a series of events:

Wednesday of last week: I wore my super adorable ShoeDazzle shoes to work– the ones I wore to the company holiday party that I got a million compliments on. I love these shoes. (However, I’d only worn them 3 or 4 times.)

Around lunchtime, I noticed that the upper part of the shoe was ripping completely out of the sole. There’s about a 2 inch rip in both shoes in the same spot.

No problem, I thought to myself. Most online companies are excellent about quality concerns and will gladly do what it takes to make their customers happy, no matter what their return policy is. I dashed off a quick email to ShoeDazzle client services to let them know about the problem.

Hours later (so good on them for at least being quick about it), I received the following email response:

Hi Sonja,
Thanks for you
[sic] email. Unfortunately, we do have a 30 day return/exchange policy of any shoes unworn. My personal suggestion is maybe an insole?!

[name omitted]

Thursday of last week: I got a little peeved at this point, so I dashed off another email.

I’m really disappointed about this. I understand your return policy, but this is a shoe quality problem, not a problem of changing my mind or the shoes not fitting properly.

I can’t continue to buy shoes if there is no guarantee of the quality of the item I will receive. I love ShoeDazzle and I’m really happy with the shoes I’ve gotten, except for this pair.

Friday of last week: Apparently I spoke too soon. On Friday I wore my adorable yellow flats with the buckle from ShoeDazzle.

The sole came off. Not only did the sole come off of one shoe, it came off of both shoes. On the same day.

By this point, I was livid. Having received no return email from the one I’d sent before about how disappointed I was about them not replacing my previous pair of broken shoes, I sent another email.

I wore another pair of ShoeDazzle shoes today and they broke as well. I am very disappointed with the quality of shoe I have received from ShoeDazzle and the fact that you will not guarantee the quality of your items.

I am attaching a picture of the shoes I am wearing today, which I have only worn 5 or 6 times, and which are now broken.

Please cancel my account and refund my 2 remaining credits.

I got an email back that said I had to call their client services number to cancel my account.

Today: I finally got around to calling the client services number. Turns out they’re not open until noon my time, so I had to wait.

The first 5 or 6 times I tried to call, I got a busy signal. A busy signal. This is 2010, people. There is an entire generation of people out there who do not know what a busy signal sounds like. It was like being blasted back to 1994. A busy signal.

I finally got through and waited on hold for 10 minutes. When a rep picked up, I asked again about whether there was anything they could do about my broken shoes and was told that, no, there’s nothing they can do if I’ve had the shoes for more than 30 days and they’re not in Like New condition. Arg.

So I asked to cancel my account. The rep asked me if I was aware that I have 2 credits (for 2 pairs of shoes, worth $80) in my account. I said yes and that I would like those credits refunded.

Wait for it.

They can only refund one credit.

I did not yell at the rep. It’s not her fault.

But I am posting this on my blog to let you know that ShoeDazzle is not customer-friendly and that I don’t think you should buy anything from them, ever. As it stands now, my choice is to either buy another crappy pair of shoes that will break immediately, or eat the $40 that I can’t get refunded, on top of the $80 it cost me to buy the two pairs of shoes that I now cannot wear.

Spread the word. Kim Kardashian (founder of ShoeDazzle), if you’re listening, we’re not BFF’s anymore.

As an additional note, the Better Business Bureau has received several complaints aside from mine. ShoeDazzle has a two-star rating on their site.