Fill in the Blanks

I love any question to which I know the answer.

I love filling out the census. “How many people live in your household?” Yep, I know that. I love checking in on Foursquare. “Where are you?” Yep, I know that. I even love surveys. Surveys are the best, of course, because there isn’t even a right answer.

But what do I do when the questions are hard? I freeze.

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Uhhh… “How does one make characters believable in a novel?” Well, see, there’s the… ah… well… “What are your religious views?” *head explodes*

So hand over that 10-question 10-minute census. I’m going to enjoy my easy questions where I can get them.

How about you? Where do you get your easy questions? And don’t say your kids. Every kid I know asks really hard, annoying questions.

  • I just had to call my husband in a panic and ask, “Did you do something with the census?! I can't find it!” His response: “Yeah, I did something with it. I filled it out and mailed it.” Without him I'd be on some government list, I'm sure.

  • Haha! My motivation to mail ours was not wanting someone to come and knock on my door. Stay away, government survey-takers!

  • I'd happily mail out the census….unfortunately we haven't seen it in the mail. Hubby and I keep asking each other, “Have you seen the Census?” Response, “No”