The Fourth to Marry

Once upon a time, there were four girls in high school, 2 sisters and 2 sisters, who were fast friends. One night as they sat around a big kitchen table talking late into the night, they imagined how their weddings would look, and they decided who in the group would marry first.

They went to college and stayed friends…

And soon it was time for the first to marry. She got married in a cabin in the woods, and the other three sang for her.

Not many years later, the second married her true love in a pretty old church, and the other three sang for her.

Time passed, and the third friend married with yellow roses all around her, and the other three sang for her.

Tomorrow, the fourth friend will marry the man she loves… and the other three will sing for her.

And they all will live happily ever after.

Happy wedding day, Sarah! We love you!

(P.S. We nailed it on wedding order. We knew way back then that it would be me, Tarah, Joanna, Sarah.)