How’s Your Book?

When you’re a normal person, one of the first questions your friends who haven’t seen you in a while ask is, “How are your kids?”

When you’re an author, the first question your friends who haven’t seen you in a while ask is, “How’s your book?”

The question always throws me off a little bit. My first reaction is always, “Which book?” I can assume they mean the one I just sold, the one I’m working on now, or some other mysterious “book.” This confusion would never happen with a question like, “How are your kids?” Well, maybe if I had kids it would… “Kids? What kids? Oh, those small people who hang around and ask for food all the time? I dunno, they seem uninjured.” Mother of the year, me.

When I’ve hammered out the initial confusion, I’m still not sure how to respond. The current answer to that question is: “Uh… Fine. It’s just sitting there. I should maybe hear something from my publisher this month. You know, about edits. And cover art. Maybe. If they get to it.” But it seems like the appropriate answer should be along the lines of, “It’s great! I’m so pleased at all it has accomplished. Why, just last week it won a Major Award. To think that the fruit of my labors has done so well– makes me proud.” I would then wipe a humble tear from my cheek and press a hand to my heart.

Still, just the fact that people remember that I am an author and that I have a book makes me want to do a little happy dance. So keep on asking, “How’s your book?” and I’ll keep on giving you boring, unsatisfactory answers, and maybe someday I can tell you that, indeed, my book has won a Major Award and I am so proud.

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  • merindab

    I know exactly what you mean. While I'm totally slacking on my writing, I was talking to a friend of mine from high school the other day. Dude's like graduated with a physics major and in Iceland for graduate work. So i sorta mumbled at him that I “wasn't doing anything.”

    His answer?

    “You're still writing, right?”

    And this is a friend I haven't hardly talked to in ten years. Made me feel awesome. So thank God for the question. Though I still need to start writing again.

  • Hehe, This goes with the How's your writing going?

    Well my answer for the last few months has been nonexistent. I intend to but there are only so many hours in the day and well my kids are taking up my time. Even when they are in school. They have field trips and other appointments that make them checked in and out of school.

    But I have a goal. 1300 words a day. I need a novel by end of July to justify the money I've spent to go to Nationals. 🙂