Baby Name Obsession

When people tell me they have kids, one of the first things I always ask is, “What are their names?” You can tell SO much about people by what they name their children. Are they traditional? Modern? Trendy? Midwestern? Southern? Religious? All of that comes out in how people name their children.

I don’t really know why that fascinates me so much. Part of the reason, maybe, is that I am so happy with my name. My parents had four kids, and each of us has a not too popular– but not weird– name. My name is Sonja and my siblings are Joanna, Joel, and Aaron. From Joel and Aaron, you can tell that my parents are religious, or at least familiar with Biblical names. And if you knew that my sister and I are twins, you would know that my mother especially values individuality. (She never made us dress alike or share our toys.)

I read baby name blogs and I have been keeping a list of names I like, probably since high school. And I’ll tell ya, kids are not in the near future for me, and they especially weren’t in high school. I just like picking names. Good thing I’m an author– it at least gives me some outlet for naming people, although I have to defer to what the characters’ parents would have named them, so I don’t always get to name them what I want to name them.

So what about you? Do you have any weird obsessions for no particular reason? Please tell me I’m not alone in the world…

Oh, and here are the baby name blogs I read. Jump on the bandwagon!

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