I Don’t Get It

Dear man driving big dirty diesel dually with decorative plastic testicles hanging off the hitch,

What does your “Rugby is not a social disease” bumper sticker mean?


Dear Internets,

Who coined #justsayin and why is it so funny? I mean, I laugh, but I don’t understand why.


Dear British people,

I just don’t get it. Ever.

  • Did you forget to include Justin Bieber in this post?

  • Yes, definitely. Justin Bieber. Who the heck is he and what is up with his bangs? For real.

  • merindab

    What don't you get about British people?

  • Anything they think is funny.

  • merindab

    Really? You don't like Monty Python? Or Red Dwarf? or Black Adder? Or anything? Wow… I grew up on the stuff

  • Dear British people? What's not to get? You may not “get it” but I do have to say I find this offensive – think I shall have to lose you from my blogroll…

  • Guess certain British people don't like MY humor either. 😉