30 Before 30

I’m going to be 29 in two weeks. And I’m not lying. (Next year, I might lie and say I’m turning 29 again. But this year, it’s true.)

I’m getting a little panicky about it, to be honest. There are things I always told myself I’d do when I was a grownup, and I’m a grownup now. In fact, I am so much a grownup, that I’m going to be THIRTY. NEXT YEAR.

In that spirit, I’m starting my own 30 Before 30 List. There are tons of these out there on teh Internets. Just Google “30 before 30.” (Trust me, I did.) From what I’ve seen, most people have done surprisingly well with their lists! And why shouldn’t we, really? These are all things we want to do and they’re on our lists so that we’ll have an excuse to do them.

I’m still working on mine, but here are the first 24:

  1. Learn to play an instrument. (Thinking maybe banjo.)
  2. Make an article of clothing. (Does t-shirt reconstruction count? Help, Kristen!)
  3. Read Lord of the Rings.
  4. Be in a musical. Thinking maybe Durham Savoyards, although they’re doing Princess Ida this year. Meh.
  5. Host a party for friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
  6. See the cherry blossoms in DC.
  7. Take an art class. Anyone in Raleigh or Durham have a recommendation? I’m thinking some kind of drawing/sketching class.
  8. Grow my own tomatoes.
  9. Sing karaoke (in public). Some of you may find yourselves forced into accompanying me to a karaoke bar. Fair warning.
  10. Cancel satellite TV.
  11. Take a pilgrimage to my hometown, Redlands, CA.
  12. Learn to do a loud two-fingered whistle.
  13. Find my 5 healthy go-to recipes.
  14. Finish my web technologies degree. (I have to research this one some more– don’t know if it’s possible or not yet.)
  15. Edit my wedding video.
  16. Finish a full cycle of P90X.
  17. Go kayaking. I know Joanna will help me with this one.
  18. Stay up all night in Vegas.
  19. Go to a roller derby match.
  20. Write a movie script.
  21. Run barefoot.
  22. Learn all the words to a song… in French. (Someone’s going to have to suggest a fun French song for me.)
  23. Learn to two-step. (Country dancing friends, reveal yourselves!)
  24. Buy some kind of eReading device.

So who’s with me? I know some of you are turning the corner toward 30 yourselves… What are your 30 before 30? (Or your 35 before 35, or whatever?) What’s missing from my list?