#8 Grow My Own Tomatoes: Progress & Side Effects

A happy side effect of taking on my 30 Before 30 list is getting a lot of other stuff done while I’m at it. Saturday’s goal was to plant my tomatoes for goal #8: Grow my own tomatoes. We started the day Saturday at one of my favorite places in the whole wide world, a garden center called For Garden’s Sake. If you live in south Durham or Chatham county, don’t buy your plants anywhere else. Seriously. This place rules.

There are swans. (They bite, though.)

There are goats. (They bite too, but only because they think you might be food.)

Oh, yeah, and there are plants. I bought some stuff for my herb container, some stuff for my flower box, a pretty pot… oh, and tomatoes.

So, I have to be honest. My first tomato attempt was a couple of weeks ago. I bought them and then forgot about them. So they died.

But now I have some and they are in the ground, so that’s progress.

And then, of course, there are the side effects. I redid my herb container garden. (I’ve got rosemary, chives, sage, basil, St. John’s wort, and parsley now.)

I bought stuff for my flower box, but before I could put stuff in the flower box, I had to trim the hedges back so I could get to the flower box. So I trimmed the hedges.

And then I planted stuff in my flower box (marigolds and red salvia).

So, goal #8 is well underway, and I got the bonus of getting a lot of other stuff done in the yard, too!

  • Congrats. Love the herb garden. I've done the vegetable garden at my previous house. I've dropped back to just roses and perennial bulbs. A lot less work. 😉

    Although, I would like to have fresh herbs…wonder if I can find something like your pot somewhere…

  • Herbs are easy and fun. 🙂 I found my herb pot at For Garden's Sake (the place I mentioned in my post above) but True Value has some similar ones right now.

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