#24 Buy an eReader: Temptation

Barnes & Noble is running a deal on the Nook wherein you get a $50 gift card with your Nook purchase. This effectively brings the Nook price down to $209 and makes me tempted beyond belief.

Previously I had been debating between a Nook and a Kindle, but when the iPad came out, I had to admit that I wanted it, too. Now I’m kind of swinging back toward the Nook, especially since the iPad I want is $1000 plus a monthly data plan subscription, and the Nook is still $259 minus $50. Say what you want, but value is important to me and I’m not sure I’d get enough value out of an iPad at that price point.

So why haven’t I bought one yet?

I always get a serious case of pre-buyer’s remorse. This happens all the time, but especially with big purchases and with anything I buy online. (I spent 48 hours this weekend debating with myself over the purchase of three dresses.) In the past, I would have blamed this syndrome on Being Poor. But I’m not poor now. I have money– you know, disposable income. It wouldn’t break me to buy a Nook. But, in the case of the Nook, I’m deathly afraid that as soon as I buy one, a newer, better one will be available, or the price will drop significantly… I don’t know why I was such a wuss about the dresses. Dresses last a lot longer than technology.

So have you bought an eReader yet? Are you happy? Do you agonize over stuff like this like I do, or do you just pull the trigger?