Watch This

I’m super duper busy and instead of abandoning my blog for today, I’m performing some sleight of hand and plunking you down in front of some videos so that you won’t think I’m ignoring you. (I’d be an awesome parent.)

And, because no one wants to watch me, these are all videos of cute widdle aminals. Enjoy.

On farm tour day, we saw this little cutie at Maple View Farms (of the famous ice cream):

I took this video at our favorite plant nursery, For Garden’s Sake in Chatham County. They have plants, goats, llamas, ducks, peacocks, and swans– the swans bite.

Probably no one thinks this is as cute as I do. Our dog hates remote control cars. My husband knows this, and, being as he was a little brother growing up, he feels it is his duty to torture her with remote control cars periodically… you know, since she hates them.

Have a great weekend everyone!