Singable, Feel-Good Glee

I’m generally not a big enough fan of any TV show to really comment upon them, but Glee’s season finale last week was such a great one that I feel compelled.

Since Glee is all about the music, let’s talk about that:

The very first episode of Glee had a musical number at the end of it that revolutionized the world of television. They sang Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ and it was mind-blowing, not so much because the singing was great or the production was amazing, but because that song is recognizable, singable, and oh-so-feel-good. It’s the kind of melody that makes you want to dance and sing all at once, and the joy is contagious.

I tell you all of that to tell you this: The last episode of Glee for the season was a perfect bookend for the first episode of the season. The ragtag band of singers has finally made it to the regional competition and performed, yes, a Journey medley. I think this speaks not only to the brilliance of the Glee writers for cycling everything back around to the beginning like that, but also to the brilliance of Journey– because it turns out a good number of Journey songs are recognizable, singable, and feel-good.

So, what did you think? Are you a Gleek like me, and did you enjoy the season finale? Who’s your favorite singable, feel-good musician?