Country and Class

It’s been the week of Big Events for me.

Our first Brooks Bell Interactive conference, called Click, was this past Thursday, and it was really successful. (Get your invite requests in early next year– I bet we’ll sell out fast.) The format was conversational and participatory, rather than the usual sit-and-listen type conference. We heard lots of great feedback and conversation.

Fearless leader Brooks starts the day with opening remarks.

Some Country

Then Saturday was a big day full of two events. First, we went to Hog Day in Hillsborough. It’s always really, really hot for Hog Day, but it’s worth it. Robbie went for the barbecue of course, and we partook. My favorite part was the sleepy baby cow and the tiny little pony.

Robbie and the really sleepy tiny cow.

Then Some Class

Then yesterday evening was the Museum of Life & Science fundraiser, Night at the Museum. Not only did we get to try great food from lots of Triangle area restaurants, there was a great band, an open bar, walking trails (with dinosaurs), a train ride, butterflies, and giant bugs that the museum staff were removing from their display boxes and letting people touch. (I passed on touching the rhino beetle. No thanks.)

The dinosaur trail at night; photo credit: @eMusing (Twitter)

What did you do this weekend?