Weekly Fatass, Edition 7

The Week in Sum

On the one hand, I’m really proud that I did the whole week of P90X and am on track. So that’s the good news.

Know what the bad news is? I gained 5 pounds this week. Yes, a disgusting and unbelievable 5 pounds. I admit that some of this may be due to eating a little more, but I’m not eating a lot more, and I am exercising a lot more. And don’t tell me it’s muscle either, because it’s not. My clothes don’t fit. I am fatter. Fatter, I tell you. Life is so unfair.

Ok, end rant. On to the details of Week 1 of P90X and the first 7% of the progress toward my goal of completing a full cycle of P90X.

Tuesday, July 13

Day 1 of P90x: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
How it felt: A little rusty, but I know from whence I came, and I’ll be back in tip top shortly.

2.5 mile run/walk (mostly walk)
How it felt: Hot! Jamie and I decided that perpetual motion is the key, and we walked hard.

Wednesday, July 14

Day 2 of P90X: Plyometrics
How it felt: Whew, doggin’ it, as Tony Horton would say. Next week will be better though.

Thursday, July 15

Day 3 of P90X: Arms & Shoulders, Ab Ripper X
How it felt: Elllllioooottt. Oooouuuuuch.

Friday, July 16

My first fail. Oops.

Saturday, July 17

I’m a day behind now, but it’s ok. I’ll just skip my day off on Monday.

Day 4 of P90X: Yoga X
How it felt: I hate Yoga X, mostly because I used to think I was pretty good at yoga, but this one kicks my sorry butt. Every time. And today was no different, except that I tried really hard not to get frustrated, and, whaddaya know, staying relaxed and not getting stressed about not being able to do everything actually allowed me to do more than usual.

Sunday, July 18

Day 5 of P90X: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
How it felt: Holy crap I’m tired. Also, my right shoulder is now giving me hell. It was my left shoulder exactly a week ago. What gives?

Monday, July 19

Day 6 of P90X: Kenpo X
How it felt: Would have been nice to have the day off, but it’s too bad for me for messing up on Friday. Tomorrow? Week 2 begins! Week 1 is toast!

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  • Since you would have to eat 17500 extra calories to gain 5 lbs of fat in a week, it seems highly unlikely to me that you have put on 5 lbs of actual fat – I seriously doubt you're eating 2500 calories more than your body uses every day. I'd bet most of that is bloating of one form or another, probably mostly water. The bad news is, that's 5 lbs and ill-fitting clothes! The good news is, it's a much easier problem to solve than 5 lbs of fat. Stick with it, be hydrated, and you'll make it.

  • Yes, you are wise, and in my head I know that it's water retention (to protect all my poor, abused muscles), but it's still disheartening to see it on the scale. According to the P90X forums, it should go away by the end of week 2. Here's hoping.

  • You should also make sure you check your weight at the same time everyday. There is a difference in your standard weight at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.

    And drink more water.

  • Yep, I do weigh at the same time every day. I think the main problem is that I weigh every day. That's probably a bad habit.