Weekly Fatass, Edition 8

Week 3 is typically the week I start to slip… I get a little less intense, skip a few more days here and there, forget why I started this whole business in the first place… And I can feel it happening already at the end of Week 2. And I will. not. give. in. If I can make it past Week 3 and into Week 4, I think it will get easier, but it’s going to be pushpushpush this week to keep up the momentum! Here’s what I did this past week:

Tuesday, July 20

Day 8 of P90X: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
How it felt: OMG tired. I haven’t been this tired since, like, college. I can barely keep my eyes open. Sleeeep. Sleeeep. Poppppppiiiieeeessss, sleeeeeep my pretty. On the plus side, I still dragged my sleepy butt out of bed and did this workout at 6 a.m. and I killed it, thank you. I will be doing unassisted pull-ups and one-legged push-ups in no time flat.

Wednesday, July 21

Gyrokinesis – Tried out a different kind of class with a friend. She does dressage (“horse ballet” is the closest definition I can come up with for non-horse people) and is looking for a way to elongate. I just like to try new things. The intro class was interesting, though not too intense. I could definitely feel the alignment and lengthening. Will try it a few more times and hopefully see it become more of a workout.

Thursday, July 22

Day 9 of P90X: Plyometrics
How it felt: Dude, that was hard. And, I have to tell you, I’m typing this after my workout and I smell really bad. (TMI?) I’m a day behind on my workout so no little break on Monday for me unless I can squeeze two in on one day this weekend, which I might attempt.

Friday, July 23

Nothing! Failjuice.

Saturday, July 24

Day 10 of P90X: Shoulders & Arms
I was also supposed to to Ab Ripper X, but didn’t get to it. Shoulders and arms was awesome though. Got a nice burn, and was sore the next day.

Sunday, July 25

Ended up going to the pool instead of working out, so I’m going to call it good on yoga and move on. Tomorrow I’m going to have to do two workouts to compensate for the ones I’ve missed. Yay?

Monday, July 26

Robbie is evil. I will go on record. He convinced me to go out to eat instead of working out in the evening because I was too lazy to get up in the morning. I can feel myself slipping by tiny degrees off the wagon and I will not let that happen.

Tuesday, July 27

Day 12 of P90X: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
How it felt: Lame. I haven’t been drinking enough water and I skipped a couple of days, and I totally felt it today. No more skipping. It’s bad. Bad bad bad. Hoping to get in some cardio tonight, either in the form of running with Jamie or Kenpo X… Maybe both.