Weekly Fatass, Edition 9

Week 3 of P90X kicked my butt like I thought it probably would. I didn’t have the motivation to get through everything like I needed to. With my lifestyle, it pretty much has to be morning or not at all, and that’s easy to forget when you’re sleeping on your deluxe super-comfy extra special mattress in the morning, all warm and nice.

So, Week 4 is recommitting. I have to admit, since Week 4 is a recovery week, I thought I’d have it a little easier. Ha. Haha. Did the Core Synergistics workout this morning, which kicked my sorry butt.

Have also been going to Gyrotonic with Jen once a week, which gets progressively harder every week, and I like that because I’m a badass. (heh.)

This week, besides recommitting to the workout, my focus is going to be on recording my food intake. I haven’t been worrying about it much in the first month because, you know, my brain can’t handle too many healthy habits at once. But it’s the end of Week 3 and the weight I gained when I started this workout program is not coming off, and that leads me to believe that my diet is at least partly to blame. So, no “dieting” per se this week, just recording. I’m hoping that the chore of having to record everything will keep me from mindlessly snacking. If that’s enough, great! If not, I’ll have to start planning and watching and counting, which I hate, but it works.

As much as I say, “I am one with my fat ass,” I’m really not. I would like it to go away, please. Workin’ on it.