Reviews for You

Song from the Sea by Katherine Kingsley

** spoiler alert **

Although there was an amnesia storyline, which I generally do not like, I enjoyed the tone of this story: light and lively. The heroine was plucky, the hero was gruff but kind, and the villains were scummy, so I have no complaints there. If you can suspend disbelief regarding head injuries, you can probably enjoy the book.

**end spoiler**

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

Excellent! Part Western, part coming of age story, part family saga, part allegory… and it does all of them really well. The narrator and his family were very endearing, the symbolism was rich, and the writing was beautiful. I very much enjoyed it.

Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling #1) by Nalini Singh

I honestly did not think I would like this book when I picked it up. It looked very sci-fi/futuristic, and I’m a little picky when it comes to my sci-fi/futuristic. I think what I liked about this book as opposed to others I’ve read in the sub-genre was that the characters were so relatable. Who among us has never felt a little emotionally repressed, or, on the other side of the coin, a little animalistic? I liked the juxtaposition of the two and they way they sort of met in the middle in the end. I will be curious to see what the rest of the series is like. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a male Psy with a female changeling? I wonder how that would go.

Close Up by Virginia Kantra

LOVED this book. Everything about it was great: the characters, the plot, the drama, the pacing. All great stuff! I really recommend it, even if you’re not usually a suspense fan. This one might just turn you into a suspense reader.

Secrets of the Tycoon’s Bride by Emilie Rose

Enjoyed this very much! The heroine was a little bit of a departure for the Desire heroines I’ve read recently, and I really appreciated that. Also, how could you go wrong with a Miami setting? Too much fun!