Glorious October

October 1st is here! For most of the day, this just meant the close of a quarter at work reconciling accounts, sending invoices, and running reports. But it also means lots more fun stuff for the rest of the month:

1. Pumpkins! I bought a round orange one, a smaller white one, and a tiny little mini orange one.

2. The State Fair! This year, I’m entering the graphic design contest for one of my classes in school. I’ll share the results here if it’s not too embarrassing.

3. The HCRW all-day workshop— This year featuring Sabrina Jeffries! Can’t wait!

4. Hart’s Square, a fun Catawba county event with old restored cabins and lots of pretty fall colors.

5. Halloween, of course! I have almost decided on my costume and have been watching how-to video tutorials involving fun things like latex make-up and fake blood.

6. The approach of NaNoWriMo! The 2010 site went live tonight, and the giddiness has begun! I’m trying to decide (in a general, long-view sort of way) what I’ll be writing this year. I could write a romance again, which is sort of my bag, or I could attempt something completely different. Decisions, decisions.

Three cheers for October!