Personal Themes

Alexandra Sokoloff is doing her usual NaNoWriMo prep posts on her blog. The theme assignment is this:

Make a list of your personal THEMES – the ones you vibrate to in other people’s stories, and the ones you keep coming back to in your own stories, over and over again. And, what particular themes do you see working in your WIP?

So, here are the themes I seem to be drawn to, judging from my writing and from the movies I really love:

  • Career/duty vs. love/happiness/paradise (Shooting Stars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mr & Mrs Smith, Kate & Leopold, Star Trek: Generations)
  • Friends as lovers– Does it work? (“Love in Shadow,” When Harry Met Sally, The Wedding Singer)
  • Death is only the beginning. (The Mummy, Van Helsing, Return to Me)
  • Fish out of water (“Love in Shadow,” The Little Mermaid)
  • Prejudice/inequality (“Love in Shadow,” X-Men)
  • What makes someone human? What constitutes humanity? (“Cat in the Mist,” X-Men)
  • Is love enough? (Shooting Stars, Independence Day)
  • Revenge (My WIP The Executive’s Hollywood Revenge, Zorro)
  • Redemption (My WIP The Executive’s Hollywood Revenge, Pretty Woman)

Share yours! What favorite themes pop up again and again in your work and in the work you admire?

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  • Katharine Ashe

    Living your true self no matter how scary that is. It’s in every book I write, and it’s my life! 🙂

  • Katharine Ashe

    Also!… Loving with everything in you, whether that love is directed toward a person or a noble cause — or ideally both!

    • Yep, I can see those two in the things I’ve read of yours. 🙂

  • Baha, this is the part I love. In fact, I get really disappointed when I find out that the theme I found in a book/song/movie was not intentionally done by the artist. 😉 Good luck with your WIP!