2010 Resolutions: 4th Quarter Check-up

My 2010 resolutions were resolved a long time ago. Some of them have been going well, and some of them have not. In the spirit of honesty, and because I’m trying some new things, thought I should give everyone an update.

1. Exercise every day in the morning.

Still off-and-on, but I have recently realized the importance of exercise to my happiness and mental health (yeah, I know, duh), so it’s on.

2. Write for at least one hour every weekday evening, and do promo on the weekends.

Know what gets in the way of creativity? Homework. Yeah, that’s kind of a whiny cop-out. NaNoWriMo approacheth, though, so I have hope that I can yet accomplish this.

3. Make a grocery list and a menu every week, grocery shop once a week, cook dinner every weekday evening.

Know what helps with this? Buy Nutrisystem. There is no grocery shopping, no cooking, no meal planning. It rules.

4. Make a weekly laundry routine including washing, folding, sheets, and ironing.

The ironing? Still not so much. And laundry is less of a routine and more of an oh-shit-we’re-out-of-clothes panic attack. But it gets done. And it has moved down on my priority list of What It Takes To Be Functional.

5. Tackle the cleaning “hotspots” every day.

I don’t know if I’m better at cleaning or better at ignoring the clutter, but either way works for me. I clean really well at least twice a month, and that seems to be working pretty ok.