Lessons From My First Write-in

I went to my very first NaNoWriMo Write-in last night. I’ve done NaNoWriMo for years, but have never been to a Write-in. To be honest, Write-ins are pretty far out of my comfort zone. I mean, for an introverted writer to commit to putting on pants, leaving the house, and meeting people she has never met before is kind of a feat. But I did it. Here are 5 things I learned:

1. Writers are nerdy. Awesome, but very, very nerdy. I mean, I knew I was nerdy, but I didn’t really know it was an across-the-board thing.

2. Writers love candy. My theory is that the reason NaNoWriMo is in November is because there is a surplus of leftover Halloween candy to be gotten rid of.

3. Putting the phrase, “The penis mightier,” in your novel will probably make you giggle, and if you do it at a Write-in, people will notice that you are giggling. And if people notice that you are giggling, you will have to tell them why. This involves saying the word “penis” to a group of many people you don’t know. Be warned.

4. Iced mochas look like a refreshing an innocuous treat, but in reality are Satan’s nectar and are full of copious amounts of caffeine and sugar, both of which will make you twitchy for about half an hour, and then comatose for the rest of the evening.

5. Standing up and asking a room full of people how to spell “orifice” is less entertaining than it sounds, sadly.

  • I kind of like the fact you had to say penis and orifice at the same write in. Bet they ALL want to read YOUR WIP! 😉

    Write ins are… well they are an interesting thing… with that, I’m off to my first one for NaNo ’10

  • Cynthia Cooke

    That was my first write-in, too! and I got so much done even with all the talking, laughing, and giggling. I’m really sorry I missed the Penis/Orifice thing, I’m sure that was VERY amusing. 😉 One thing I did feel was very OLD. But that won’t stop me. Hoping to do it again soon!!

    • I felt old, too, Cynthia, but I was kind of expecting that. 🙂 NaNo is pretty popular with the student set, and I am not the age of studentery anymore.

  • Unfortunately, ordering decaf doesn’t help, either…