Spilled Milk

I was going to do Weekend One-liners. But that was before my whole day became a Weekend One-liner. I spilled milk. And it’s worth crying over.

You see, it spilled in the trunk of my car. This has happened before, and while it’s annoying, it’s not a huge deal. I have a plastic liner, and paper towels are magical.

But this time, while I was cleaning it out (in the parking lot at work, which is totally sexy), I set my keys in the trunk while cleaning. I then ran out of paper towels. And I shut the trunk to go back inside and get more paper towels.

Three steps away from the car, I realized my mistake. And I may have said a curseword (or eight) really loudly.

And now, I am sitting in my office with spoiling milk and my keys in the trunk, waiting for my long-suffering husband to bring me the spare set of keys.

So, yes, sometimes spilled milk is worth crying over.

Have a great weekend everyone! (Mine will get better. It has to.)