Weekend One-liners (Poop Joke Edition)

It is not the weekend, but I did not post weekend one-liners this weekend, and I had a bad day today, so we need to keep things cheery here on the blog.

[In case you’re not up on the Twitter trend, hashtags are words or phrases with a hash (#) in front of them. You can “tag” your tweets with hashtags. A popular hashtag today was #shittyactors . This doesn’t sound that interesting, but trust me. Just trust me.]

Charlize TheRuns #shittyactors –laurenmarie10

David Dookovny #shittyactors –killpundit

Judi Stench #Shittyactors –Rich_Fulcher

Tom Poos #shittyactors –ladyroboto

Robert Brownie Jr. #ShittyActors –j0d3y

Christina Crapplegate #shittyactors –deadbothans

Ka Ka Gabore #shittyactors –bentist

#shittyactors Sidney Pootier –Valeria_Tazer

Jon Poosack #ShittyActors –anthropocon

Patrick Dumpsey #shittyactors –DrBlur

And, lest you think that I was above participating in a world-wide poop-joke phenomenon, my contributions were as follows: Leonardo DiCrapio, Natalie Pootman, Arnold Fartzenegger, Cameron Diass, Doodie Dench (although I like Judi Stench better), Julia Robutts, Nicholass Cage, and Richturd Gere. What? I have a long commute to think about these things.