Don’t Stop

There’s a section on my annual review at work that says, “Stop: / Don’t stop:” and it always makes me think of this scene in The Sound of Music. Liesl has snuck out to the garden for a meeting with Rolfe. She pretends she is sending Rolfe a telegram, and it goes:

Dear Rolfe
Don’t stop
Your Liesl

Now doesn’t that make “Don’t stop” sound so much more fun? So this year I’m doing a Don’t Stop list, instead of New Year’s Resolutions. Here it is:

Don’t stop:

  • learning and trying to become a better human being.
  • laughing whenever a baby laughs nearby.
  • finding things I love to do and enjoying them with enthusiasm.
  • singing in the car.
  • reading great books.
  • feeling the pain and joy of others, and offering what I can.
  • being unafraid to look ridiculous for the admiration of a child.
  • leaving my shoes in the living room (because– let’s be honest– even if I say I’m going to stop doing this, I’m not, so I’m just going to put it in the Don’t Stop list right away).
  • Beth Caudill

    Don’t Stop:

    having Common Sense when everyone else around me obviously doesn’t have any.

    saying No to my kids. It’s good Character Building.

    having writing ideas.

  • Diva

    Fantastic. Plus I always mourned the demise of Liesl+Rolf in SoM. I may steal this topic for a blog sometime with your kind indulgence.

    • That’s not stealing– it’s expanding. 😉

  • The Gourmez

    Personally, I’ve come to accept that I really need to get a cabinet by the door that’s a hidden shoe rack. As long as it looks pretty, I’ll be cool with my kicking off by the door habit.

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