Tears and Presents

You already know that my brother makes me cry. This week, though, my sister made me cry.

Oh, she’s done it before. When we were in college, she went away to Finland for a semester of study abroad. And I cried. It was partly because I was going to miss her, yes. It was also partly because I was jealous that she was having an experience that I wouldn’t get to have, I admit. But the biggest part was that she was going somewhere and doing something alone, and when you’re a twin, that doesn’t happen much. One of the most comforting parts of having a twin sister, for me, was always knowing at least one person in the room. (First day of high school in a brand new school across the country from where we used to live? Scary, but less scary walking in next to your sister.) So when she went to Finland without me, I felt scared for her– scared that she wouldn’t know anyone in the room, and that she would truly be alone, and I projected my fear of that onto her, and she got some sad, sympathetic tears from me that she never asked for– heh. Turns out she had a great time in Finland, duh. (And she brought me a present, pictured left: my awesome Finland Christmas sweater.)

Sunday night I was reduced to tears for my sister again, with much the same mix of emotions: missing being with her, a little bit of jealousy, and my projected fear that she was going to have to go through this scary thing alone. See, she went to the hospital Sunday night to deliver her first baby. Of course she wasn’t alone– she had her husband Ty with her all the time, and the whole family was steps away in the waiting room, and she had a team of medical types at the ready, duh. And you know what else? She brought me a present, pictured right: my awesome baby niece, Neve Rosalie, 6 lbs. 7 oz, born 12/27/10 at 6:05 p.m.