Home Projects

Today is it: the last day of my week-and-a-half mostly at-home vacation. I threw a couple parties, held my newborn baby niece, put some pictures in frames, and today I finished with a bang.

First project was rearranging the living room.


Not much furniture, not much focal point, bad for conversation.

Lots of room, but all in the wrong spots.


More furniture, better conversation, easier to rearrange for optimal Kinect-playing.

Pardon my snowflakes. I haven't undecorated from New Year's Eve yet.

Had to buy a new chair and a new lamp to accomplish the above. I know, it’s a hard life.

The new chair

The new lamp

I also enlisted help in hanging some pictures around the house. I’ll spare you pictures of the pictures on my walls, except for these:

These are a complete bear to put the pictures in, and also to hang. But they look cool.

Overall, it’s been a productive day, and a productive vacation. I won’t say I’m exactly happy about going back to work tomorrow (even though I totally miss my coworkers– see you tomorrow, guys!), but I’m definitely zen about it, considering things in the house are better than they were when I started vacation. That doesn’t always happen, but it’s sure nice when it does!