30 Before 30: The Fails

Well, I figured it would happen eventually. I mean, when you have a list of 30 things to get done in a little over a year, some of them aren’t going to pan out, right? So I need to update you on my fails, sad as it makes me:

14. Finish my web technologies degree.

This was a hard decision for me, but I’ve decided not to pursue this degree any further. After my fall semester, I realized I’m not really learning the things I need to be learning. Besides, my goal isn’t really to make a career out of it anyway– maybe a side business someday. But the things I need to learn (WordPress template design, design principals in general, etc.) aren’t going to be covered in this program anyway. So, I’m redefining and redirecting. But it does mean #14 is not going to get done. FAIL.

28. See the New England fall colors.

Yeah, I only had one fall to get this done, and I missed my window of opportunity. I’m realizing that putting these travel-heavy goals on here may not have been the smartest thing to do because I would have had to go by myself and spend money that is half not mine on the trip, and I couldn’t really justify that. Poop. FAIL.

29. Go to Romantic Times convention.

Unfortunately, my company’s big huge yearly conference is the week after the RT convention. Since I am the main contact and planner for my company’s big huge yearly conference, this is not gonna happen. Sigh. FAIL.


The good news is that I have 107 days to complete everything else on my list, and I’m ready to tackle it!