Little Dramas

Watched a video of Mr. Rogers explaining his passion for children’s television programming the other night. (Hat tip to @shanetjohnston and @bentist for the link.) I can’t embed it that I can figure out, but go watch it— it’s really good.

He talks about the dramas of childhood, the things that we as adults forget were so important to us when we were little– knowing what to do with a feeling, dealing with brothers and sisters, showing love– and I hope those are all little dramas that I never forget were so important. Because, really, what’s more important even in adulthood: learning a new piece of software, or figuring out the best way to show someone you love them? Maybe those dramas of childhood are the ones we still need to work on as adults.

Here’s my favorite song of Mr. Rogers’– There Are Many Ways to Say I Love You:

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