100 Days Left: The P90X Reboot

People, I was looking at my counter in the sidebar today and realized that I only have 100 days until I turn 30! 100 tiny little days to get allllll those many goals done, the scariest of those being to complete a full cycle of P90X. Do you know why it’s called P90X? Because it takes 90 days to do it! Gah!

So, starting tomorrow, it’s on. The motivating factor is that I have to do it every day because there are only 9 spare days total in this whole thing, and that’s not a lot. I’m not gonna lie– if it weren’t for this whole 30 Before 30 thing, I would say, “Hey, that guy Tim Ferris said you only have to work out for like 15 minutes a day with a kettlebell and you can eat chocolate eclairs, and, actually, working out too much just hurts your body and is counter-productive,” and I would use that and take it completely not in the spirit that it was intended, and eat chocolate eclairs 7 days a week and always sit on my bum because Tim Ferris said I don’t have to do P90X, so NYEH. But I already committed to this thing, and that means I have to do it.

Here’s where some people would post their “before” pictures. I am not that person. I never walk around in my underwear in front of people, so why would I do it on my blog? Just, no. If I happen to become one of those people who is so proud of her P90X progress that she absolutely must post pictures of her newly-skinny, nearly-naked body for everyone to see, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, I’ll just tell you that my body looks like a carton of cottage cheese that’s well past its expiration date and is bulging. Dramatically.

I think I’ll just leave you with that image.