#23 Learn to Two-Step

There are about a bazillion demo videos on YouTube of country two-stepping. So, since I watched about half a bazillion, I’m debating crossing this one off. I mean, really, it’s slow-slow-quickquick and once you’ve got that and you have a partner who can halfway carry his weight, you’re good to go. So I’m not sure I can get any further with this unless I go to Lonebranch by myself, and I don’t wanna. It still looks fun, though.

  • Beth Caudill

    I’d have to say that’s cheating. You need to go and do the Two Step somewhere.

    But maybe that’s because I’m jealous since I’m a very uncoordinated klutz. There is no way I could do that just from watching videos. While I could say, Slow Slow quickquick …. I could never do the turns and stuff at the right time.

    Although, I do have to say I’d love to learn ballroom dancing. Sigh. Another one of those when I win the lottery and can do anything I want. [I’ve had friends take lessons and the one they said was it’s expensive….No way would hubby spend tons of money on dancing lessons.]