#25 Go Vegetarian for One Month: A Tiny Fail

Forgive me, blog readers, for I have sinned. In my quest to go vegetarian for one month (starting on Ash Wednesday, sorta kinda by coincidence because it just seemed like a good time to start), I made a booboo.

Remember that week I was terribly, awfully, deathbed sick (or at least acted that way)? Well, one of those nights, someone made Bagel Bites and decided to share with me, probably because I looked so pathetic… And I ate them.

And then, when my plate was clean, I realized that Bagel Bites have pepperoni on them.


But, gentle readers, I know that you will forgive me this one transgression. After all, I was sick, and my mind wasn’t quite right in my weakened state. I didn’t fail because of temptation. I failed because of stupidity. And stupidity can be forgiven, if not fixed. Right?

In any case, I vow to continue in my vegetarianism, even despite my booboo.

  • These things, they happen. Much like anything else, ‘fessing up and continuing in your efforts seems to be the right way.

    Gambatte! With your vegetarian month. And remember, BaconSalt is vegetarian…

  • Diva

    You had no choice. YOu are contractually obligated to eat food prepared by loving husband with good intentions.

    if that weren’t the case I would never have eaten half so many damn waffles.