#25 Go Vegetarian for One Month: A Tiny Fail

Forgive me, blog readers, for I have sinned. In my quest to go vegetarian for one month (starting on Ash Wednesday, sorta kinda by coincidence because it just seemed like a good time to start), I made a booboo.

Remember that week I was terribly, awfully, deathbed sick (or at least acted that way)? Well, one of those nights, someone made Bagel Bites and decided to share with me, probably because I looked so pathetic… And I ate them.

And then, when my plate was clean, I realized that Bagel Bites have pepperoni on them.


But, gentle readers, I know that you will forgive me this one transgression. After all, I was sick, and my mind wasn’t quite right in my weakened state. I didn’t fail because of temptation. I failed because of stupidity. And stupidity can be forgiven, if not fixed. Right?

In any case, I vow to continue in my vegetarianism, even despite my booboo.