When All Else Fails: Haircut Picture

I am slammed today, at work and in other areas life. I have not had time for lunch today, nay, neither for a potty break. But I did have time to take a picture of my awesome new haircut, which is actually cooler than you can see in the pic because I can’t really take a picture of the back, which is shorter than the front. (It’s kinda like a reverse mullet, only more rock star.)

Also, my tatas are looking pretty hot today, right?

  • Christine

    I love the self commentary. It’s pretty fabulous! 🙂

  • Love it! It looks really good, Sonja!

  • Alana

    Regarding the tatas? It took me a sec to notice the hair (which is awesome, btw).

  • Hey hot stuff – nice haircut! (and other stuff too) 🙂

  • Diva

    Lovely hair. And yes, the rack is looking fine.

  • Ha, thanks ladies! 🙂