30 Before 30: One Month to Go

Yes, it’s one tiny month until I hit the big 3-0. I was just thinking this morning how much of my twenties I spent waiting to feel like a grown-up. But, slowly, as the responsibilities added up, my coping mechanisms improved, and I learned more about myself, I got there. That’s not to say I’m done growing up– I hope that never happens. But I do feel like a grown-up, now, so much more than when I was 20 or even 25.

Heh, mush. Enough of that. What you really want to know is how I’m doing on my list. Well, here ya go:

1. Learn to play an instrument. This is harder than I planned on it being. But, in the works is a video recording of me at least stumbling through a rendition of something recognizable on my ukulele.

2. Make an article of clothing. I think this is going to be a t-shirt reconstruction. Because I don’t have time to learn anything else. Also, it may involve hot glue as the prospect of sewing makes me all nervous and itchy.

3. Read Lord of the Rings. I started this. I promise. And then I got distracted with the new shininess of my Nook and then I didn’t buy it on my Nook and so it’s still in this giant hardback tome and I didn’t want to carry it around. But it’s in progress.

4. Be in a musical. Done!

5. Host a party for friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I should get on this, like nowish. Maybe it will still count if I plan the party before May 5 and don’t actually throw it.

6. See the cherry blossoms in DC. Done!

7. Take an art class. Done!

8. Grow my own tomatoes. Done!

9. Sing karaoke (in public). Do you know what sucks? Being completely willing to sing in public (with songs picked out even) and being physically unable to do so because of “allergies,” which the doctor refuses to diagnose as any kind of sick because the air is full of green pollen. Oh, did I sound bitter? Oopsie.

10. Cancel satellite TV. Done!

11. Take a pilgrimage to my hometown, Redlands, CA. This may be another one that gets scheduled and notsomuch done before May 5. But I’m not ready to completely give up on it yet.

12. Learn to do a loud two-fingered whistle. I’m trying to learn this, but I think it would be infinitely easier with a real person to teach me. Any takers?

13. Find my 5 healthy go-to recipes. I kind of thought that forced vegetarianism would help me do this, but it turns out I can still eat popcorn and ice cream, so no progress has been made.

14. Finish my web technologies degree. Fail. Womp womp.

15. Edit my wedding video. Maybe this weekend?

16. Finish a full cycle of P90X. In the spirit of honesty, I will say that the 100-day reboot was a fail. This is a really hard program. Not only is it physically difficult, but it also requires 1.5 hours a day of time to do it. None of that is really a good enough excuse, but it’s the only one I have, so I’m using it.

17. Go kayaking. Why the hell did I put this on my list? I’ve been kayaking before. Oh well. Maybe I can fit in a trip this month.

18. Stay up all night in Vegas. Travel to be planned, I hope.

19. Go to a roller derby match. Done!

20. Write a movie script. In progress. In fact, I should be working on that now.

21. Run barefoot. My next step is to get some barefoot “shoes” to ease my transition. I read somewhere that water shoes without the insole are good for this.

22. Learn all the words to a song… in French. I’m taking suggestions.

23. Learn to two-step. Thinking of copping out on this one… But maybe one of you wants to go do this with me?

24. Buy an eReader. Done!

25. Go vegetarian for one month. Despite a tiny fail, and a slip when I went to McDonald’s the other night and couldn’t stand the thought of having a milkshake for dinner and so ordered a fish fillet sandwich, I’ve been really good. Four tiny more days and I will be done with this experiment.

26. Re-read and re-apply 7 Habits. In progress and almost done.

27. Say “yes” to something I normally wouldn’t. Done!

28. See the New England fall colors. Sigh. Maybe next year.

29. Go to Romantic Times convention. It’s this week! And I’m not going. My work schedule prevented it this year, but honestly, it’s probably a good thing. I’m not ready for the prime-time yet.

30. Learn the Thriller dance. Oh it’s on. Just wait.