How Working in an Office is Just Like Working From Home

I have a long-standing joke with my Work From Home friends about having to put on pants every day. Sometimes putting on pants really does feel like the biggest chore ever. And I don’t get to work from home, so pants must be worn daily. But, in some ways, working in an office is just like being at home:

  • People open a new milk and leave the old milk in the refrigerator for the rotten milk fairy to deal with.
  • The dishwasher silverware container has 2,734 forks in the front of it and 1 lonely butter knife in the back because no one could be arsed to actually pull out the rolling drawer.
  • Everyone blames the dog for farts. (We actually don’t have an office dog anymore, but we used to, and he really was the farter. I promise.)
  • The plants are all dying because I forgot to water them.

So, see, it’s almost like working from home. Except that I have to wear pants.

  • CharlesInCary

    I agree – I have worked at places like this. I work at home now; it is a two-edged sword as the spouse expects housework to get done while work-work magically also gets done. And I have to wear pants – the UPS guy insisted. Bummer!