Gossip Girls

Girls gossip. We just do. It’s part of conversation. But it’s kind of evil.

I was reminded of that today when some stuff I’d said made its way around. It wasn’t necessarily bad stuff, but it was stuff I hadn’t thought of getting back around to the person I’d said it about. It could easily have been something Very Bad, and then I would have to feel awful and regret ever saying it in the first place– to anyone.

So, I think I’m starting my 30 In My 30s List a few weeks early. (Haven’t given much thought to my 30 In My 30s List, but that will happen later.) This coming month, May, is going to be my month of gossip-less-ness. I’m going to work hard only to say things I wouldn’t mind the subject hearing from my own mouth. That includes movie stars, companies, etc. and includes anything I post on Twitter or Facebook or my blog.

Hopefully, I can turn this into a life-long change, but I think in order for me to really concentrate on it like I should and make it into a solid habit, I need to put a month on it and make myself accountable.

So here’s one last one for the road: Have you seen Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes? Creepy, but highly entertaining.