#1 Learn to Play a Musical Instrument: DONE!

Yes, folks, I’m checking this one off, mostly because I successfully taught my niece and nephew how to play one song and a few chords on the ukulele this weekend while camping, and if I can teach it, that means I can play it, right? Ok, so my 10-year-old niece was actually better at it than I am, but still. I know some chords, so we’re calling it good.

My ukulele skills pale in comparison (literally) to my brother-in-law's campfire building skills.

Some more highlights from the weekend:

Brother-in-law claimed proudly, "Now that is a good fire. You could bury a Viking on that fire."

The Spanish moss at the Sugarloaf dune was so gorgeous.

Climbing a tree was not on my 30 Before 30 List, but maybe it should have been.