30 Before 30: The Recap

First, I must tell you, my 30th birthday was the best birthday a girl could ever ask for. Pictures here are the only ones that I can find from our celebration (thanks Jamie!), but rest assured, the night was mucho exciting and included my bestest buddy ever who flew from Portland to surprise me (!!!), wine, karaoke, some of the awesomest people on the planet, and a creepy county judge who totally macked on one of our party. In short, it was amazing.

But, having turned 30, it’s time to recap for you my 30 Before 30 endeavors.

Completed stuff (11 things– not bad!):

1. Learn to play an instrument.
4. Be in a musical.
6. See the cherry blossoms in DC.
7. Take an art class.
8. Grow my own tomatoes.
9. Sing karaoke (in public). (I still gotta write the post– I will, though, promise.)
10. Cancel satellite TV.
19. Go to a roller derby match.
24. Buy an eReader.
25. Go vegetarian for one month.
27. Say “yes” to something I normally wouldn’t.

Stuff that I’ll still be doing eventually (14 things):

3. Read Lord of the Rings. (I got distracted and read other stuff! Oops!)
5. Host a party for friends I haven’t seen in a long time. (Maybe this summer?)
11. Take a pilgrimage to my hometown, Redlands, CA.
12. Learn to do a loud two-fingered whistle.
13. Find my 5 healthy go-to recipes.
15. Edit my wedding video.
18. Stay up all night in Vegas.
20. Write a movie script. (Sooooo close on this one! We’re nearly done!)
22. Learn all the words to a song… in French.
23. Learn to two-step.
26. Re-read and re-apply 7 Habits. (Almost done with this one, too!)
28. See the New England fall colors.
29. Go to Romantic Times convention.
30. Learn the Thriller dance.

Stuff I can’t figure out why the heck I put on my list (5 things):

2. Make an article of clothing. (I know I’m not crafty. Why would I make myself attempt this?)
14. Finish my web technologies degree.
16. Finish a full cycle of P90X. (I am convinced that normal human beings are not meant to do this.)
17. Go kayaking. (Meh.)
21. Run barefoot. (I’m mostly giving this one up because I like pedicures.)

All in all, the 30 Before 30 experience has been one that I enjoyed very much, and I did a lot of things I wouldn’t have done without that little extra push. In my post-30-Before-30 life, I may rejoin 43things to keep the attitude going, and I’ll definitely still be following the doings of my fellow bucket-listers.

So, what are you going to do to check off some of that stuff on your list? Join me!

  • Jfr Harrington

    For #22, here’s something a propos — a French “happy birthday” song!

    Bon anniversaire
    Nos vœux les plus sincères
    Que ces quelques fleurs
    Vous apportent le bonheur
    Que l’année entière
    Vous soit douce et légère
    Et que l’an fini
    Nous soyons tous réunis
    Pour chanter en chœur
    Bon anniversaire

    I can sort of sing it, so find me sometime at HCRW and I will try to impart the tune for you.

    Happy Birthday!!

    Jennifer Harrington

    aka La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    • Haha, thanks @61b22d57d39849370144187fc5d7454d:disqus !

  • I thought it was a great party! 🙂 Happy birthday!!

    • Wow, do I still get birthday wishes? Awesome. 🙂 

  • Laura M.

    Haha, I love that the creeper county judge made it into your post. Congrats on accomplishing so many of your 30 Before 30! When you achieve #12, can you teach me?

    • Hahaha, thanks for coming out Laura! I think I have to find someone who can do #12 before I can learn it. YouTube has failed me. But yes, I will teach you, and also the pop noise thing. 

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