Yard Brag 2011

My yard rules.

Attempting ground cover by the mailbox-- this is creeping phlox. Here's hoping.

This is the thing I am most proud of in the front yard, because I planted it and it didn't die. Yay!

New birdhouse, acquired this weekend at Hillsborough Hog Day.

Squirrel-proof birdfeeder from Wild Birds Unlimited. It works really well!

The back yard smells like Tahiti this time of year.

We'll have blueberries soon... Well, in truth, the birds will have blueberries and we will have naked blueberry bushes.

Impatiens, planted this weekend.

My herb garden

The babies hatched!

I didn't want to get up TOO close (camera zoom is a wonderful thing), but I can tell there are at least 3 babies in here.

  • Caren

    The yard is beautiful, Sonja! Yay on you for not killing the flowers!!!

    • Haha, thanks Caren. I guess that’s why they plant those along I-40. Even THAT doesn’t kill them. 😉 

  • Beth Caudill

    Glad to hear the squirrel proof birdfeeder works.  I need to replace our birdfeeders and I don’t really want the ones from Lowes again which I’ll need to replace in 2 years again.

    Great looking yard.

    • Thanks Beth! We used to use the regular old bird feeders but the squirrels didn’t leave ANY. This one is spring loaded and blocks the holes where the birdseed comes out when anything but a light bird sits on the ledge. Genius! 😉

  • I love the new birdfeeders. They really DO work. And your place looks wonderful. Just wait until next year, and I’ll be putting up videos of my yard. (About time it got into shape.)