My Current Obsessions

Ok, well, you all know that I don’t really have the energy to obsess about anything, but this is as close as I get. Here are my obsessions (or, um, things that I like a little more than other things) currently:


So much fun! It’s like you’re not even working out. I got a LivingSocial deal for Tease Fitness in Durham. They’re a women’s “boutique” fitness facility, which, near as I can tell, means they’re in kind of a crappy, low-rent building with sucky air conditioning, but their classes are super duper cheap even without the LivingSocial deal, and I’ll probably keep coming back for Zumba at least. It’s Latin flair aerobics without all the yelled instructions, which is nice. (No more, “Come on, ladies! Feel the BURN!”) You just follow the teacher and move, and in an hour you’ve sweated through all your clothes and burned a bajillion calories.


It’s like an online bulletin board that you can share with, like, everybody. The idea is that people (mostly women) go around on the Internets searching for pretties, and then when they find them, they pin them to a “board” and caption them with phrases like, “Want!” and, “yes please,” and, “oh my word!” It’s fun and pretty, if a little buggy. It’s invite-only right now but I have a few invites left if anyone is super duper “yes please” about it. (Here’s me.)

The Bachelorette

Don’t judge. I’m totally winning the Fantasy Bachelorette game on Facebook. I rule.