Tiny Movie Reviews

I don’t have the energy to write long reviews. I write reviews for the books I read, but they’re usually a short paragraph long. Movies I want to spend even less time reviewing. So, here you go: some teeny-tiny Twitter-sized movie reviews of the ones I’ve seen recently…

Cowboys & Aliens: I was sold on the title alone, but it delivered and more. I mean, come on. Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and ALIENS. Sold.

Burlesque: A lot like Coyote Ugly except with more musical numbers. I was ok with that. Also, my fav Stanley Tucci was adorable as always.

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend: Stab-your-eye-out boring until the very end, but with such a good ending that I was almost ok with it.

When in Rome: Low expectations save the day. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t nearly as terrible as I’d feared. Plus Kristen Bell is cute.

The Majestic: Disturbing tonal shifts and shoddy story-telling, but some touching moments. Except for the patriotic shit at the end. Barf.

The King’s Speech: Worth it to see Colin Firth’s foul-mouthed temper tantrum. Quiet (except for the tantrum), but engaging.

Young Frankenstein: OMG yawn. Not good.

Tangled: Love, so love. One of the best fairy tale adaptations I’ve ever seen. Laughed until I hurt and cried through several tissues.

How about you? Got any teeny tiny reviews to share?

  • Beth Caudill

    Captain America – Boringly Predictable storyline – not a single plot surprise. Yet Steve’s character arc is so overwhelmingly strong you love the movie. 

    Can’t wait to see how Thor, Iron Man, and Capt work together with the other characters in The Avengers next summer.

    Harry Potter Deathly Hollows pt2. – Much better than I expected.  Loved the action of defending the school and seeing Neville come into his own.  Also liked how Snape was portrayed.  Much better than how I read his character in book 7.

    • I haven’t seen either of those yet, Beth. For Harry Potter, I never made it through all the previous movies because I thought they were boring, but I may have to try again. 😉 (The books I loved.)

  • Glad to hear you liked Cowboys and Aliens, because I REALLY want to see it! Unfortunately, my husband is not on board, so I shall wait for the DVD. Boo!!!
    Oh, and I ADORE Stanley Tucci.

    • Andris, it was so good and your husband would totally love it. It could be classified as “guy movie.” Something for everyone. 😉

  • Diva

    Love the reviews!

    Here’s Mine:

    Company Men: Thoughtful recession lay-off drama, Chris Cooper’s performance is a quiet powerhouse but the rest is so quiet you could snooze easily.

    • Your review leaves me undecided about whether I should give it a try. 😉