Tiny Movie Reviews

I don’t have the energy to write long reviews. I write reviews for the books I read, but they’re usually a short paragraph long. Movies I want to spend even less time reviewing. So, here you go: some teeny-tiny Twitter-sized movie reviews of the ones I’ve seen recently…

Cowboys & Aliens: I was sold on the title alone, but it delivered and more. I mean, come on. Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and ALIENS. Sold.

Burlesque: A lot like Coyote Ugly except with more musical numbers. I was ok with that. Also, my fav Stanley Tucci was adorable as always.

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend: Stab-your-eye-out boring until the very end, but with such a good ending that I was almost ok with it.

When in Rome: Low expectations save the day. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t nearly as terrible as I’d feared. Plus Kristen Bell is cute.

The Majestic: Disturbing tonal shifts and shoddy story-telling, but some touching moments. Except for the patriotic shit at the end. Barf.

The King’s Speech: Worth it to see Colin Firth’s foul-mouthed temper tantrum. Quiet (except for the tantrum), but engaging.

Young Frankenstein: OMG yawn. Not good.

Tangled: Love, so love. One of the best fairy tale adaptations I’ve ever seen. Laughed until I hurt and cried through several tissues.

How about you? Got any teeny tiny reviews to share?