Weekend One-Liners: Snarf Edition

You people continue to make me snarf my Diet Pepsi:

5318008 (Turn your screen upside down.) … Well, it was funny when I did it on my Texas Instruments calculator in 6th grade… –Rob

Clerk at the glasses store: “hmm. I don’t know about those frames. They kind of exacerbate the eyebrow situation.” –Ben

Worst thing about staying away from caffeine? I would say it’s the lack of caffeine… And the urge to stab people. –Anthony

Brother-in-law wanted me to fax something for him. I told him I’d crawl right into my time machine & go back to 2007 so I could. –Teresa

  • Aimee Laine

    Ha! I’m gonna have to go do that calculator trick. 😉