The Stoplight Kiss

I seem to have great luck with stories about what happens at stop lights. I’ve got another good one for you today.

Yesterday morning, I was driving to work, listening to a sad song and thinking sad thoughts, when I came to a stop light and looked in my rearview mirror.

Behind me was an old beater of a car with duct tape holding the passenger side window together. The couple inside was laughing. It caught my eye because I usually see single-passenger cars full of grumpy commuters in the morning, but here were a man and a woman laughing hysterically.

I kept watching them because they made me smile, and suddenly the man leaned over the center console and kissed the woman. Thoroughly. When he sat back into his seat, they were both still laughing.

I laughed, too. I couldn’t help it. The combination of joy and love and euphoria, despite a morning commute and a crappy car, was enough to slap me out of my self-induced funk. This is why I read romance. This is why I write romance. This is why I believe in the power of love.

So here’s wishing you a good laugh and a great kiss, even if you’re only the witness.